x0x heart build – TB 303 clone

This is a TB-303 clone build based on the x0x-heart board from Open Music labs and my own Teensy Synth control board. Built into a hand crafted wooden enclosure with a lid (thanks to my super Demi babe) and an engraved aluminium face plate.


It has MIDI DIN in, through, audio out, controls over waveform, glide, tune, decay, accent, filter cutoff and resonance, as well as envelope modulation and It runs off a 9-volt battery.DSC04982

Unlike the original 303 this build does not have a sequencer,┬áit can be played live or sequenced through the MIDI port. Also all the controls can be controlled with MIDI CC’s or even an Max for Live device through Ableton Live.


Have a listen for yourself.

Now taking orders here.