Teensy Synth control board

I really love using the Teensy micro controller. It goes almost into every project I do, from art installations to MIDI controllers and instruments.

That’s why I developed a small break out board with some of the most common features I use.

It break outs the digital and analog pins in groups also a 3.3V, VCC, and GND bus. A voltage regulator circuit for running on batteries or external power supplies, opto-coupled MIDI in and out, an I2C two channel DAC chip with low pass filters and a breakout for the Teensy A14 DAC line.

A small generic board to be used in sound projects.



4 thoughts on “Teensy Synth control board

  1. Hey there,
    nice looking projects, big up!
    do you plan to sell the breakout?
    also where do you source the Teensy in Europe?

  2. Thanks for all the great things you do here Thomas. I’m a real newbie and I’m hoping you will release the midi breakout PCB for sale or the layout for it to complete the hookup to the Teensy.

  3. Late reply but for others reading…. sources for Teensy in Europe include:
    HackerspaceShop, Velleman Projects, SnootLab, Diigiit Robotics, HiTech Store, Watterott Electronics, Exp Tech, flikto, Adruino, Antratek Electronics, Floris.cc, Gaze Electronics, Nettigo, Lawicel, Boxtec, HobbyTronics, SK Pang, Pimoroni, proto-pic

  4. Oh yeah, I too would like to know if you make these available. But perhaps you are not reading these comments any more. 🙂

    In any case… love your work!

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