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Couple of days ago I was wondering by which artists and labels I’ve been playing tracks mostly the last few months. After a quick search I realized that I can’t even export DJ charts out of Traktor. So one sleepless night I developed a small Processing application that would pull and count track plays from Traktor’s History records. Every time you play in Traktor your set list is getting saved there.

The application is dead simple, you can choose the moth you wish to chart, there are 3 options for sorting and an option for including only tracks released that year. (maybe month as well? but then you would have to make sure to get all your release dates right).

You get a list of the top 10 tracks played, top artists and labels for that month. You also get a full list as a text file.


You can download the application from here:
Just make sure to edit the settings.xml file and fill in your Traktor History folder. It should be in your Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor folder.

If you found this application useful don’t feel ashamed to hit the donation button. 😉

9 thoughts on “Traktor DJ Charts export

  1. Question I have been wanting to find my lists of songs played from a specific night but it seems like if I don’t take the tracks from the history and manually drag and drop them into a folder they will not achieve. Am I right about that? If not. It would be great if set history had a way to create a pdf from the history somehow.

    • The History playlist inside of Traktor just holds the tracks you played that session. But there is also an Archives folder that holds up playlist of your session every time you open Traktor. If you remember the date you can find it there, and its from these playlists that this app reads and does the statistics.

    • One friend of mine saw Tomash Ghz cool tool and asked that if it was possible to see what he was playing on the lives events or broadcasts.
      So i actually made something like that.
      But is only for a PC version from now. And little hard coded.
      But i could make it for mac and and more flexible with the folder if you like.
      And also show all available info there inside .nml files.

      For now its only :
      | Deck | Played Public | Title | Start Time |

      If anyone is interesting on something like that. I would love some feedback on what DJs want to see on a tool something like that.

  2. Hi mate great app good work, i know there is a way of exporting playlists but it is a hassle as i have to always untick the the info i dont need ie. bpm, length, what would be better is an app like this and you go to the date you want and then you can just export the playlist as a text file or copy and paste.

    So the idea like your app you have done a set you want to share it.
    You go to the app open it go to the date of your set, it tells you the artist and track name and then you can just copy or paste or export it, even an option to share to… as well.
    in preferences you can select the detail and order you want it.
    Do you think this could work?

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