MF Pro Live Script and simulator

After messing around with my own MIDI Fighter clone, I realized that although it had some very useful and expressive mappings for Traktor, its focus simply on the Drum Rack in Ableton Live is little bit… poor. That’s why I decided to create a little MIDI Script that would grant it some of the functionality … Read moreMF Pro Live Script and simulator

Arcade Warrior (Midi Fighter Pro clone)

Exams are finally over and I can spend much more time experimenting with controllers without any traces of guilt. The major highlight for this post will be my new Arcade Warrior controller, a shameless rip-off of the Midi Fighter Pro (thank you DJTT for being such a great source of inspiration), and the Teensy++ micro-controller … Read moreArcade Warrior (Midi Fighter Pro clone)

Encoders in Traktor and Ableton Python scripts.

I haven’t made any posts in a while so I got a couple of updates to share with you. Before I begin with some of my latest developments, I would like to refer you to two people that inspired me very much with their work and ideas, Alex (fuzzywobble) and Dave (60works), check their websites, … Read moreEncoders in Traktor and Ableton Python scripts.