Greetings once again, the last few days I gave more emphasis on working on the [k]ontrolPad and realized that my previous video did not demonstrate much the original concept I had in mind. So here is one more little demonstration video and some pictures of the development process. As I noted in my previous post, … Read more[k]ontrolPad

SP Button Pad Controller ACT II (adventures in the AVRland)

Since things didn’t work out as smoothly as I expected, no proper information on the net, nor anyone wrote a library for it; spent few sleepless nights trying to figure it out, things seemed doomed.. I decided to contact Spark Fun for more technical info. Within an hour they answered me, was really helpful but tried to … Read moreSP Button Pad Controller ACT II (adventures in the AVRland)

SP Button Pad Controller ACT I (latency is a biatch)

Next step for my project, were the Button Pad Controllers. There are two boards, SPI slave board, and a USB master board with USB API. Should be straight forward, or so I thought.. The USB board had two JST connectors, one for the USB cable and one for 5V Power. To make my life slightly … Read moreSP Button Pad Controller ACT I (latency is a biatch)

Weather Lamp

After obtaining my first Arduino prototyping board I had to put it to some good use. By brainstorming, reading and drawing inspiration from various sources I came up with the idea of creating a weather desk lamp. Basically the idea is that it reads weather data from RSS feeds like temperature, wind speed and precipitation and changes accordingly the color and … Read moreWeather Lamp