Digital Warrior MK2

The Digital Warrior is back in stock now, with a new updated PCB. Fixing some minor design issues and adding new cool features.

The main of the additions to the MK2 PCB now features a midi out port, implemented through a 3.5mm jack, to keep the low profile of the device. By using the custom made jack to MIDI DIN cable it is possible to clock, sequence and interface any external MIDI hardware device. As with all of the sequencer and control settings, it is possible to fully customize the behavior of the MIDI port through the device setup.

Another new feature worth introducing is the addition of breakout headers for easy access to digital, ¬†analog, ground and voltage pins on the micro controller. I’s simply an invitation to modify and hack the device. The device can be extended with any addition input or output components, as well as the expansion board, which through an analog multiplexer gives 6 more rotary pots maintaining the main board’s layout plus access to 10 I/O pins. Thus it can be used as the base module for any DIY MIDI controller project.

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