CTM Hack Lab

This January I was lucky enough to participate in the CTM festival in Berlin. More precisely I was part of the Music Makers Hack Lab curated by Peter Kirn and Darsha Hewitt. During a week full of events and workshops located at Kunstquartier Projektraum and all over Berlin; as a diverse group of extraordinary multidisciplinary artists we had to team up and work on performance projects that later were performed during the last day of the festival at Hebbel am Ufe zwei.

For my first performance I had the pleasure to team up with Ewa Justka and Lorah Pierre, with a performance called CMOS Abuse. The girls performed some neat electronic witchcraft that produced unimaginable raw noise patterns. I accompanied them with drones and glitches produced from modified Arduino and Teensy boards.

The second project was an interactive mobile performance application developed by Jonas Hummel, Stratos Bichakis, Sébastien Piquemal and myself. The audience was able to influence the performance by accessing a website and interacting with particles. For this project I worked on the visualization of the interaction with openFramworks.

Heres a full list of all the amazing Hacklab participants:
Nick Smithies
Ewa Justka
Hen Lovely Bird/Heather Nicole
Jari Suominen
Jiří Suchánek
Jonas Hummel
Lorah Pierre
Schwarzflash – Marc Nostromo & Dorothee Dinne
Mirjam Sögner
Rachel Uwa
Black Spaghetti
Sergey Kasich
Stefano Testa
Stratos Bichakis
Sébastien Piquemal
Tim Shaw
Tomash Ghzegovsky
Leslie Garcia

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