MIDI Elements Teensy Library V2

After quite some time, I finally found a chance to update the MIDI Elements library, improve some features and make a proper documentation for it.
After a lot of requests I added a class for endless encoders and RGB LED’s. Also added mapping features for the Potentiometer class that makes it easier to use with more unconventional sensors like infrared range finders, photoresistors, etc.

And planning to do some tutorial videos in the near future using each component.

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As before, you can download the library here github
To install extract the MIDIElements folder in your arduino/libraries directory.

Documentation can be found here.

7 thoughts on “MIDI Elements Teensy Library V2

  1. This is fantastic and saves so much time, let alone the simplicity it creates. Is it possible to provide a short writing with guidance on how to use the code for multiplexing, which is a big challenge for many I am sure.

    • Hi, to quickly answer your question, you can make multiple instances of lets say potentiometers, in an array, assigned to the same Analog Pin that the multiplexer is on, switch your multiplexer channels right before reading the next instance of a potentiometer in a loop.

      like this

      Potentiometer *pot[6];

      void setup(){
      // setup mux pins
      for(int i=0; i<6;i++){
      expPot[i]=new Potentiometer(A6,controlChannel,21+i,false,debug); // multiplexer on A6

      void loop(){
      for(int i=0; i<6;i++){
      setMux(i); // function that changes the multiplexer channels

  2. Any chance of velocity sensitivity being included in the future for projects more akin to traditional drum controllers?

  3. Hi Tomash,

    These libraries look amazing. I’m just getting started with using a Teensy 3.1 to build beginner midi hardware. I’m trying to get just a simple Rotary Encoder knob turn to read in something like Logic Pro to just rotate plugin knobs. I’m trying to use and understand your teensy encoder library to get that result. Would i add like a “usbMIDI.sendControlChange(B0, +1, 1);” in the event handlers, or do you maybe have a sample of a functional rotary encoder example?

    thanks again!


  4. Hi! thanks for this awesome library… i have a simple question that might seem really stupid but im only just getting into arduino/teensy DIY projects (mostly done hardware only projects)

    I’m currently using arduinos for my projects as they are a lot more available where i currently reside compared to teensy boards. (also a lot cheaper)

    while i do miss the opportunity to create usb midi compliant devices, i find that for now i can manage everything with arduinos and my midi interface.

    The question is: can i use this teensy midielements library for my arduino projects? or will it not work?

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