Fasma 2016 Festival – DIY Synth

During April of 2016 I was invited once again, by my good friends from Athens, to prepare a workshop for the FASMA Festival. An amazing 3 day marathon with more than 30 artists from all around the world 🙂


For the workshop I designed a pocket 3 voice touch Relaxation Oscillator based on the CD40106 Schmitt Trigger. Featuring 3 more modulation LFOs. Two controllable by potentiometers and one by a light dependend resistor. All sounds could be modulated simply by touching the pads, that would spell out FASMA.

All in all, it made some pretty tasty noises 🙂
Here is a little demonstration of the early prototype (woops no ground plane) going through a VCA.

And the schematics below.
If you are interested in learning more how Schmitt Trigger oscillators work, I could not have explained it any better than Peter from Casper Electronics.