Digital Warrior – The final battle

After the release of the Sequencer Edition last November I’ve worked more on improving a little bit the enclosure.
My main goal was using a little bit better materials and closing up the sides, for a more solid, finished feel. After a lot of thinking and design iterations I ended up “borrowing” an idea from Critter and Guitari. A bent heavy duty brushed steel panel, with a laser cut wooden base. I is a lot more heavier than the original design, but much more sturdy, the steel is much more hard material than aluminium so it doesn’t bend or scratch that easily. I’m loving the feel of it and how it turned out.


I also finally managed to get some prints on the panels, by baking Lazertran decals on aluminium panels, I’ts a very delicate process and doesn’t always turn out well, which means I will have to find a better alternative. But for a few runs it could be alright. I followed this guide, but found that it’s better placing the decals face up instead of face down, the result is much more smooth.


Also added some final firmware updates, and features like step velocity and step chance back to the main controller sequencer.


Will be still taking pre-orders until the end of the month, before producing the final batch. After that concentrating on new projects and ideas. If you were thinking of getting one this is the right time! Thank you all for your support.

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  1. Excellent write-up. I like those videos so much!! I absolutely appreciate this post. Stick with it! I also book-marked it!! Thanks for sharing and Plz do keep writing!! I like your posts! They are all so good!!

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