Plug controller

I’ts been a super fantastic week here in Cyprus during the Plug electronic music conference. Full of workshops, parties and amazing new people to meet.

During one of the last day I had the opportunity to do a workshop on diy midi controllers. I designed and produced a basic midi controller kit based on Teensy with eight knobs and four LED buttons.
During the workshop, I went through with all of the participants step by step how to solder everything, program the unit using the MIDI Elements Library and finally MIDI mapping in Traktor and Ableton Live User Scripts.

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  1. Hi Nice work! I am building a midi controller with only 8 buttons and I just need a little clarification about the soldering, being a beginner. Does each button need to have a wire soldered to the ground pin? If so, does this mean I will have multiple wires that need to be soldered to 1 pin? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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