Bass Couch

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A project inspired by Subpac and rave parties 😉

This is a couch that does FFT analysis of the incoming signal and vibrates with the low frequencies, making the person sitting or lying on it feel like hes right front row at a rave party as the bass vibration passes through his body.

The project was first presented at the Φάρμα Projekt festival Alternadiva. stage, where people could experience Plasmatik and his deep tunes in a totally unique way.

The project was quit easy to build, I followed this tutorial for driving high powered components combined with this FFT library. I got the motors from here. Also I would like to thank Stavri Ioannou for her great help with this project!

Here is my code and the schematics for this. Please note that this is only for reference and by any means I cannot be held responsible for any internal bleeding, burnt down houses, electrocutions or any other fuck-ups that might happen to you if you have no idea what you are doing.


5 thoughts on “Bass Couch

  1. Man this is awesome!

    Get even just 1 person talking about the sound system at an even and it sparks positive vibes in eveyone they converse with 🙂

    Very cool idea. Hopefully this ends up in every fricken seat in every fricken club one day, haha

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