Traktor Step Sequencer

One of my “dream’ routines is to mix tracks and live percussive loops in a Richie Hawtin/Chris Liebing style, but to do so it would mean syncing Ableton with Traktor (or using just Ableton), my answer to this was something that Native Instruments should have done with the Kontrol F1 in the first place, a step sequencer. Static loops can get quite boring after a while compared to the ability to rhythmically modify them in real time.
Here I present you the best of two worlds.
With the latest Traktor 2.6.2 update I was able to MIDI sync and MIDI map each channel to a Remix Deck slot. Of course the sequencer itself is hard coded into the controller.

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1 thought on “Traktor Step Sequencer

  1. This is some great work you’ve done here =D
    If you could do some more detailed explaination how brought sequencer in the inside of your digital warrior to live, I the world would be a better place ;P

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