The Pattern Which Connects

“What pattern connects the crab to the lobster
and the orchid to the primrose,
and all the four of them to me?
And me to you?
And all the six of us to the amoeba in one direction
and to the schizophrenic in another?” -Bateson

Another very interesting collaboration with Michael Bachhofer. We worked on an interactive audio/visual installation for his presentation in Artos Foundation during the 2nd Contemporary Music Festival.

The installation run simultaneously on two systems, one responsible for the visuals and the other for the sound. Those two systems would directly influence each other creating constant audio/visual feedback.
The visuals consisted of a particle system and blot tracking with utilizing Kinect. The particles would swirl around like butterflies until somebody steps in, then those would concentrate on the silhouette of the person, and react to other sound generating particles. All those layered would reveal parts of Michael’s gigapixel micro-photography images of a butterfly wing.

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