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  1. Hi, brilliant project even better for making it open source. I am wanting to make my own HID dj controller, 48 pots (@8bit resolution) 128 buttons (being 1bit each).(thus filling my HID report [maximum 64Bytes])
    The wiring is fairly simple 3* 16:1 multiplexers for the analogue in and a demuxing 16:1 multiplexer split to 2 grids of 8*8 into 2* 8:1 multiplxers for 128 buttons

    At present I have a Arduino Uno which doesn’t lend itself well to HID (I can flash the firmware and I have had a simple 4 analogue 10 button set up working) as I’m new to the game I’m using others code and don’t fully follow everything.

    What I’m asking is would a Teensy 3.1 be better suited to a project like this?

    I get the basic idea what the code should do,

    if 4 binary pins (multiplex control) read 0 0 0 0, assign analogue reading from AO to variable fader A0_00
    if 4 binary pins read 0 0 0 1, assign analogue reading from AO to variable fader A0_01

    If you could offer any advice please email.

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