[b]utton Pad ACT III (driver wars)

This is the third part of my epic journey through the world of micro-controllers, MIDI/OSC controllers and all that stuff, and finally I can say that I see pleasing results. The pad now is enclosed in a plywood case which I designed and cut with some help from Eva. Though the individual boards can be … Read more[b]utton Pad ACT III (driver wars)

SP Button Pad Controller ACT II (adventures in the AVRland)

Since things didn’t work out as smoothly as I expected, no proper information on the net, nor anyone wrote a library for it; spent few sleepless nights trying to figure it out, things seemed doomed.. I decided to contact Spark Fun for more technical info. Within an hour they answered me, was really helpful but tried to … Read moreSP Button Pad Controller ACT II (adventures in the AVRland)

SP Button Pad Controller ACT I (latency is a biatch)

Next step for my project, were the Button Pad Controllers. There are two boards, SPI slave board, and a USB master board with USB API. Should be straight forward, or so I thought.. The USB board had two JST connectors, one for the USB cable and one for 5V Power. To make my life slightly … Read moreSP Button Pad Controller ACT I (latency is a biatch)

Weather Lamp

After obtaining my first Arduino prototyping board I had to put it to some good use. By brainstorming, reading and drawing inspiration from various sources I came up with the idea of creating a weather desk lamp. Basically the idea is that it reads weather data from RSS feeds like temperature, wind speed and precipitation and changes accordingly the color and … Read moreWeather Lamp

Debian on Kindle plus network tools

Finally after a lot of endless nights tingering around I decided to post about my newly acquired Amazon Kindle 3. Since I study  presentations and books from PDF files I thought a device like this would be really useful, and after reading somewhere that it could run Ubuntu Linux and even with X11 I knew exactly what I needed. … Read moreDebian on Kindle plus network tools

Toaster From Scratch

Very often I wondered if by some possibility I ever traveled back in time, would I be able to recreate advanced or even simple modern day technology from raw elements? Or even have the skills and knowledge how to. This project made me realize how much we depend on society, manufactured materials and even technology … Read moreToaster From Scratch