Sunlight Lamp (Assist)

Recently I helped out a good friend of mine and designer, Stavri Ioannou with one of her projects, she created a family of adorable desk lamps, based on the Arduino controller, that would change its position relative to the time of day.

The first prototype included RGB lights as in my Weather Lamp project as well as dimming control through an IR sensor. But the final version was stripped down to single LED and a servo motor.

Here is the concept behind this project:

With the advent of the deep plan office space the number of people working in conditions removed from sensory proximity to the natural environment has increased dramatically. The negative effect of this sensory deprivation is readily quantifiable in terms of sunlight deprivation alone, and most people will readily recognise their qualitative preference for the type of space they occupy. This project makes a simple recognition of the condition and attempts to mitigate it in a small way. A desk lamp is designed that traces the orbit of the sun depending upon geographic location, giving the user a sense of the passage of time and casting shifting shadows across the desk top surface.

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