hack {cyprus}*12

I know I’ts been already a long time since this event, but I just could’t get my hands on finally writing this.

So on 1st of September the Cypriot Enterprise Link organized an amazing event, the very first in Cyprus, hacking marathon. Full two days of ultimate geek-ness, non stop coding, amazing energy and inspiring people!

Everybody during those two days had to start working on some idea and present a project in the end, where a group of judges and all the participants would pick out some winners. And to my very own surprise I got the crowd favorite prize sponsored by CYTA! Also other teams that have won created some really cool projects like a robot submarine and mobile augmented reality game.

My own project idea, in fact, was improvised on the spot and consisted of 3 small sub project, but in general revolved around experimenting with different interaction methods. The first idea was to utilize in a new way my 8×8 RGB grid controller, that’s how the Magic Mirror was created, probably the world’s crappiest 64 pixel 8-bit display. It depicts, in very abstract forms whatever the computer webcam sees. Here is a video demonstration that sums everything up.

Then second idea, already late into the night and after an unaccountable amount of Red Bulls. Using Google’s speech recognition API and some simple parsing techniques, a very useless speech-to-more-code translator was born.

And for the finale, I prepared a color tracking application that would spit out MIDI Note and CC values. It can track simoultaneously up to 2 colors, the note pitch is affected by the X position of that color, and Y position controls the effects value.

Unfortunately my camera battery died that day so I have no footage from the event.
All the photos are by the Cypriot Enterprise Link.

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