Park In Progress 11- Interactive Plants

Upon returning back to Cyprus, I was more than happy to learn that I got accepted to participate in Park In Progress 11. A mobility program initiated by French Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes that would take place in Cyprus at the Municipal Gardens in collaboration with Artos Foundatiopn.


Over one week more than 20 artists would prepare and present their work during the final performance day.

For my performance I prepared a sound piece that consisted of 6 independent plants, with galvanic sensors developed by Leslie Garcia and 6 digital synthesizer boards developed by myself. Each of the plants was connected to its own audio channel and a speaker spread in the space, giving a unique individual voice to each of the plant. The sensors would measure the electric activity in the plants and their reactions to different stimuli and modulate the sound synthesizer with that data sonifying these processes.


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