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The Basslet

I’ve been very quiet lately. Tough very very busy the last year! Some of you may know I’ve been working in a Berlin-based startup, that developed the Basslet – the first subwoofer for your body that fits on your wrist ( just like the very old Basscouch project! ). When you listen to music on your headphones, the Basslet lets you literally…

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Rescued Ideas – Basslet

During August and September I was more than privileged to work with Daniel Büttner on his start-up, Rescued Ideas. Based at the WAALD creative group offices in Berlin. During my stay I tested a lot of haptic actuators for the Basslet, a wristband that connects with your mobile and lets you feel the bass of the music on the go,…

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Bass Couch

(watch the video in full HD) A project inspired by Subpac and rave parties 😉 This is a couch that does FFT analysis of the incoming signal and vibrates with the low frequencies, making the person sitting or lying on it feel like hes right front row at a rave party as the bass vibration passes through his body. The…

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