Bass Couch

(watch the video in full HD) A project inspired by Subpac and rave parties 😉 This is a couch that does FFT analysis of the incoming signal and vibrates with the low frequencies, making the person sitting or lying on it feel like hes right front row at a rave party as the bass vibration passes through his body. The…

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Traktor Step Sequencer

One of my “dream’ routines is to mix tracks and live percussive loops in a Richie Hawtin/Chris Liebing style, but to do so it would mean syncing Ableton with Traktor (or using just Ableton), my answer to this was something that Native Instruments should have done with the Kontrol F1 in the first place, a step sequencer. Static loops can…

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Virtual Matter

This is a Virtron the smallest matter known in our digital world and the building block of the virtual universe. It consists of numerous recursive functions that expand in all dimensions revealing its fascinating geometric and fractal form. It consists of a bright polygon core and pulsing outer particles that rarely find stability due to the interference of our physical…

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MIDI Elements Teensy Library

I have created a wrapper library to make programming MIDI controllers on the Teensy board dead easy and super fast. Simply instantiate object for each component like Buttons, Potentiometer, LED, rotary encoders, etc. and let the library handle all the dirty work of reading the raw values and deciding when to send MIDI signals. Enabling you to experiment and concentrate…

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Moving Silence

After being introduced to Achilleas Kentonis, the founder of Artos Foundation, a cultural and research center in Nicosia. I had the opportunity to participate in the Moving Silence event taking place (for the second time in Cyprus) as part of the 4-th X-Dream Festival. A collaborative platform for contemporary silent films and live performance, based in Berlin. I’m still amazed…

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look ma, no Ableton

I finally got around to start using openFrameworks, and thought it would be a good chance to make some stand alone and lightweight application for using with my grid controller. Usually the laptop I use for demonstrations can’t handle Ableton. So here is a first implementation of a very basic step sequencer for 8 samples and 8 steps.


More (click to open) Long gone is the age where we used to capture our beloved moments in still images. Here are some experiments with 3D and moving pictures. Also a great instructable by my buddy Fuzzy-Wobble.