Teensy Synth control board

I really love using the Teensy micro controller. It goes almost into every project I do, from art installations to MIDI controllers and instruments.

That’s why I developed a small break out board with some of the most common features I use.

It break outs the digital and analog pins in groups also a 3.3V, VCC, and GND bus. A voltage regulator circuit for running on batteries or external power supplies, opto-coupled MIDI in and out, an I2C two channel DAC chip with low pass filters and a breakout for the Teensy A14 DAC line.

A small generic board to be used in sound projects.



1 comment for “Teensy Synth control board

  1. kei
    January 21, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    Hey there,
    nice looking projects, big up!
    do you plan to sell the breakout?
    also where do you source the Teensy in Europe?

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